Shared Stories proposes an architectural metaphor for New York City, itself, through the mapping of three programs, A House, A Subway, and A Nightclub onto a single site in Hunter's Point, Queens. Structured like the films of Andrei Tarkovsky, the story lines of these three spatial characters, along with the site’s remaining fragments of the historic Long Island City Savings Bank Building, overlap, intertwine, and blur within the project’s physically defined space while its inhabitants interact as neighbors sharing common sensory experiences of the building through the critically detailed “Party Wall,” which frames the architectural moments where sights, sounds, textures, lights and shadows pass between adjacent programs. These sensations, interlopers within each program’s experiential narratives, provide one’s primary encounter with the building, and, in turn, they are filtered through memory to find reference and context. As the sensations lead one to recall past experiences, the inherently creative embodied mind, as proposed by Lakoff and Johnson (1), reassembles the memories with the present to direct future reactions to the building and its occupation. Mapping the past and the present together reveals relationships and possibilities that might otherwise remain unnoticed.


1017 Jackson Ave, Hunter’s Point, Queens, NY. Located at the corner of Vernon Boulevard and Jackson Avenue.

Fragments of the former Long Island City Savings Bank Building to remain.

Hunter's Point, Queens
character 1: A HOUSE

The apartment building. +/- 7500 sq. ft. Five units at +/- 1500 sq. ft. each


  1. a bedroom. +/- 150 sq. ft
  2. a bathroom. +/- 60 sq. ft
  3. a closet. +/-20 sq. ft
  4. a study/library. +/- 200 sq. ft
  5. a living room +/- 200 sq ft.
  6. a kitchen/dining room +/- 200 sq. ft.
  7. an entry. +/- 50 sq. ft
  8. a terrace. +/-400 sq. ft
  9. a common laundry +/- 30 sq. ft.
  10. a common entry +/- 200 sq. ft

LIC Savings Bank, 1876

LIC Savings Bank, 2006
character 2: A SUBWAY

A G-Train Subway Station at Jackson Ave., and a connection to the nearby 7-Train station. +/- 22000 sq. ft.


  1. a platform. 18000 sq. ft.
  2. entries including 24-hour booth. 3500 sq. ft

Jackson Ave
character 3: A NIGHTCLUB

A Nightclub at the corner where Jackson Ave and Vernon Blvd meet. +/- 12000 sq. ft.


  1. a vestibule/waiting area (off street) for arrival by subway and car. 1600 sq. ft.
  2. a coat room 200 sq. ft
  3. a bar. 500 sq. ft.
  4. a seating area w/ tables. 1500 sq. ft
  5. a dance floor for 300. +/-2500 sq. ft.
  6. stage/dj area. 200 sq. ft.
  7. a back stage area. 400 sq. ft
  8. lounge rooms 800 sq. ft. total.
  9. bathrooms. +/- 400 sq. ft.
  10. an administrative office. 150 sq. ft.
  11. an employee room. 200 sq. ft.
  12. a security office. 150 sq ft.
  13. storage & wine cellar. 400 sq. ft.
  14. an outdoor courtyard. +/-1200 sq. ft.

Vernon Blvd

Shared Stories

1. Lakoff, George, and Mark Johnson. Philosophy in the Flesh: the Embodied Mind and Its Challenge to Western Thought. New York: Basic Books, 1999. Print.